Knowledge Management?
How to be faster & better ...

Build Your Capacity and Improve Your Productivity

In the Industrial Economy workplaces
of the past
success depended a lot on process,
and learning was about content –
it was about what we knew.

In today’s Knowledge Economy workplaces,
success depends a lot on capacity –
how we build it and how we apply it –
it’s about how we think.

In today’s Knowledge Economy workplaces,
we add value to our ‘bottom line’
by applying our understanding.

New and improving imaging technology
is helping us to learn more about how we learn, think, remember and make decisions.

Building capacity in today’s competitive workplaces
is focused on improving brain health and performance
to support faster understanding

and its application to improving ‘bottom line’ results.

Understanding in the brain is about
linkages and relationships:

a. First, among pieces of new information
that we call upon our brains
to sort through and make sense of.

b. Second, between the new information
that we’re learning and what we already know.
This is why one size does NOT fit all, and
 why learning needs to be designed and delivered
to meet the needs of each brain in the room.

Mind Mapping is the most effective method for accelerating understanding,
because it helps our brain to “see” those essential linkages and relationships faster and better.

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