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Presenters: Jim Muckle and Howard Berg

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 Jim Muckle is an international trainer and conference presenter, and a specialist in learning and other aspects of human performance – with the brain in mind. He has over 40 years of facilitative, results-oriented, learning and leadership experience in domestic and international working environments, including 20 years of service as a logistics officer in the Canadian Air Force, and ten years of National Defence experience with issues related to capital equipment acquisition, NATO and Canada’s interests on the Pacific Rim. His undergraduate studies at McMaster University focused on economics and mathematics. His graduate business studies at the Ivey Business School in London, Ontario included organizational behaviour and change management. He is a Certified Professional Facilitator, and a Lifetime Member of the International Association of Facilitators. For several years, he was professionally certified by the Jensen Learning Corporation in the field of Applied Educational Neuroscience.

Jim has developed and facilitated corporate change initiatives involving re-engineering, coaching, strategic planning, individual and group learning, and team and organizational development. He has designed and delivered brain-friendly learning programs for leading national and international training providers. He has designed and delivered programs to improve individual health and wellness, reduce stress, increase employee motivation, address issues related to anxiety and depression in the workplace, enhance workplace culture, and improve knowledge management. He helps leaders, managers and team members to use more of their natural capacity to deal more effectively with change. And he helps employers and their teams to differentiate themselves in today's globally competitive marketplace by using more of the capacity they’re already paying for –
by working with the brain in mind.

He is particularly enthusiastic about the value of using Mind Mapping the MUCKLE way and related visual learning techniques in order to make better sense of more information in less time, and therefore to enjoy more comprehensive and more useful results through the application of that improved understanding. Mind Mapping is widely recognized as a valuable tool for improving individual and team performance in workplace, classroom and other knowledge economy learning and working environments.

Jim is the author and editor of several practical workshop handbooks on effective learning, memory, speed reading, capacity building, stress management, longevity, brain fitness, and other aspects of human performance, including: Introduction to the Brain & Learning: Is My Brain On Cruise or In Hyperdrive?; Knowledge Working Skills for Taking Charge in the Information Age; Stress, Longevity & Brain Fitness: Easy-to-Use Tips for Health & Wellbeing In The 21st Century; and others. He and Howard Berg (World’s Fastest Reader – Guinness, 1990) have co-authored a 3-part DVD on Learning Faster & Better. Jim is the author of The Ultimate Brain Book: Your quick and easy-to-use guide to a better brain ... and getting more of what you want - in less time!

Jim has worked with young brains, aging brains, health care brains, research brains, police brains, leadership brains, language learning brains, marketing brains, management brains, speed reading brains, stressed brains, hungry brains, sleep deprived brains, exercising brains, team brains, relaxed brains, want-to-remember-better brains, want-to-be-healthier brains, and brains that are younger than their chronological ages. Brain and body health, and learning faster and better, are closely linked. You, your colleagues, and your family members may be interested in developing many of the same brain-friendly habits that have helped to make Jim’s biological age 10 years younger than his chronological age.

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, BrainsInAction, LearningFasterAndBetter or UltimateBrainBook

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Howard Stephen Berg is recognized as the world's fastest reader and learner - thanks to the cutting edge accelerated learning techniques he’s developed that turn information overload into information assets. Respected internationally for his contributions to improving the learning process, he is listed in the 1990 Guinness Book of World Records for reading more than 25,000 words per minute and for writing more than 100 words per minute. Howard is a graduate of the State University of New York, Binghamton. Using the same strategies that he now teaches, this biology major completed a four-year Psychology program in one year. His graduate studies at several New York City colleges focused on the psychology of reading.

Howard has appeared on over 1,200 radio and television programs, including “Live with Regis and Kathie Lee,” Dick Cavett, Jon Stewart, the American Radio Network, Good Morning Texas, Toronto Today, and many others. He is often “tested” by receiving a new book or manuscript to read just before the program, and then questioned on content by the author or other subject-matter expert(s). One 1,100-page book took him 20 minutes to read. He was recently on Fox TV to read the 1,503-page U.S. Health Bill (in 50 minutes). His content-based responses have consistently been very impressive! It is this combination of exceptional reading speed and consistently dependable understanding and recall that expands his recognition as the World’s Fastest Reader to include learning as well.

Howard has been featured in Forbes, Redbook, Maxim, Men’s Health, Bottom Line, Selling, and numerous other magazines and countless newspapers. He has published two best-selling books, and dozens of home study programs including "Mega Speed Reading" that was marketed by Nightingale Conant and sold over 650,000 copies. He has also created more than a dozen other accelerated learning programs, including programs on speed math, memory, test-taking, writing, and others.

Among Howard’s interests and projects, he co-founded the Gateway Preparatory School, where students used Howard’s accelerated learning techniques to complete high school on average in 2.5 years, and also graduate from high school with between 30-45 college credits. Twenty of the School’s students completed college by age 20 or younger. Three 13 year-old students from the School graduated from high school into college. Two of them attended the University of Texas at Arlington. One student completed his university program at the age of 16 with a 4.0 grade point average (GPA), majoring in economics; the other achieved a 3.97 GPA as a senior in engineering. Another student completed his B.A. in six months at Thomas Edison State College. A further student passed the California Bar Exam at the age of 19. Additional examples of the practical application of Howard's accelerated learning programs are similarly noteworthy.

Howard continues to develop new brain-based learning techniques to help improve learning at all levels, and does volunteer work with children and adults to help promote literacy in both schools and other workplaces. Using these techniques, Howard has become a leading educator for corporations, colleges, and associations – working with the young Presidents Organization, and serving clients that have included Exxon-Mobile Oil, Sears, Cisco Systems, Rockwell International, Ernst & Young, American Airlines, Prudential Realty, MBNA Bank, JC Penney, Daimler-Chrysler, and business and government learning centers around the world.

As a member of the BrainsInAction Inc. Team, Howard is bringing his accelerated learning methods and advanced problem-solving techniques to more classroom and workplace learners in Canada. He can help you, your colleagues, and your family members to learn how to learn - faster and better.

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