Knowledge Management?
How to be faster & better ...

Increase Your Return on Your Investments in Learning

If you invest your own time and money
in learning –

online, in reading, in workshops, in classrooms ... 

Then you’ll want to enjoy the best value return possible on your investment in learning.

If you invest the resources of your company, government department, or not-for-profit organization in learning – 
in classrooms, in workshops, in speakers, in presentations, and in other ways ...

Then you’ll also want to get the best return on your investments in learning that you can.

Your return on investment will show up in:

a. How much people learn.

b. How much and how long people retain their learning.

c. How well people can apply their learning, and continue to apply their learning.

From Edgar Dale’s Learning Cone of Experience,
you’ll have seen the following numbers.
He suggests that learners retain:
- 10% of what they read
- 20% of what they hear
- 30% of what they see
- 50% of what they see and hear
- 70% of what they say as they talk
- 90% of what they say as they do a "real thing"

This high performance
'Amazing Learning Day' package

a. Jim Muckle’s
Mind Mapping the MUCKLE way

b. Howard Berg’s
Ultimate Reading Solution Program.

These very participative learning sessions are designed with the brain in mind –
to give you the best possible return
on your learning investments.

We know that effective learning
rarely happens during a single event.

That’s why we’re offering you a combination of
these highly participative workshops

leading edge learning materials
so that you can take each workshop in person
take each workshop home with you
so that you can continue to learn
share your learning with those other important brains around you.

We guarantee your satisfaction
with these workshops.

If you don’t think that you’ve had an excellent return on your investment in this 'Amazing Learning Day,'
we’ll gladly accept your learning materials back and
cheerfully give you a full refund!

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