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$167 value)

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Double your reading speed - with better comprehension & recall ... take home DVD learning programs, and lots more!
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Amazing Learning Day Value Package:
Ultimate Reading Solution Program Workshop (Howard Berg) $167
Ultimate Reading Solution Program (Howard Berg)   167
Ultimate Reading Solution Program Workbook (Howard Berg)     19
Mind Mapping the MUCKLE Way Workshop (Jim Muckle)     97
MUCKLE Mapping (DVD) Program     47
Bonuses (see list below) Almost Priceless!
Brain-friendly/fruit & vegetable snacks    n/c 
Total Value         $497

(Valued at $497 (plus HST))
Your benefits include:
1. Save timesave money.
2. Get better business results.
3. Get better academic results.
4. Reduce your stress.
5. Use more of your brain's natural capacity.
6. Be more productive - get more done in less time.
7. Get more out of all your learning and training.
8. Learn key skills to 
share with your kids, friends, colleagues.
You take the MUCKLE Mapping and Ultimate Reading Solution DVD Programs home with you to share with family and friends!
(* * * see Amazing Learning Day Workshop Content * * *)

Mind Mapping & Ultimate Reading
Combined Super Value:
$397(plus HST)
(seating limited for each workshop)

and you'll receive

(see below)

AND, there is no risk -
ABSOLUTELY guarantee
your satisfaction!

These workshops will make an immediate difference for you, or
we'll gladly accept your learning materials back, and 
cheerfully return your entire investment!


Amazing Learning Day Participant Bonuses:

1. Free 1-hour session with Empowerment Coach, Samantha Biron to enable you to achieve greater self-confidence and design your life as you want it.

2. Free 1-hour webinar by Howard Berg on "How to Learn Anything Faster & Better," delivered online to your workplace locations ($3,500 value). Click here to see Howard reading the U.S. Health Care Bill on Fox Television.

3. Free 45-minute workshop on "Power Presentation Points" for your office colleagues (perhaps as a 'Lunch and Learn'), with authority, Jim Moran, MA Ed.

4. Free POWER Principles DVD - 6 videos include Overview and individual videos each of the 5 POWER principles: Plan, Organize, Waken, Engage, and Respond. The DVD also includes Cliff Atkinson's planning tool based on Aristotle's 'Rule of Three' and Nancy Duarte's '7 Questions to ask about your audience.' Also provided by authority, Jim Moran, MA Ed.

5. Free 90-minute Career Coaching Conversation with Integral Coach, Paul Carrière.

6. Free 30-minute workshop "Become More Effective Through Meditation at the Workplace" to be held in your workplace with Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor, Hema Murty, PhD.

5% of net proceeds from these workshops goes to support Amarok Society - an INSPIRING initiative that brings learning to those who need it most - click here to learn more about our schools in Bangladesh.
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