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Reduce Your Stress: Too Much Information ... Not Enough Time?

Stress-related Absenteeism and Disability
are the most significant undermining issues
in today’s information- and knowledge-rich workplaces.
For example, stress, anxiety, depression and other mental illness account for nearly 45 percent of all disability claims in the federal government.

Approximately 10,560 public servants have received disability benefits since April 2009.

Most anxiety and depression starts out as stress that goes unaddressed.

Stress is about Supply and Demand –
how much capacity you Supply
to meet the Demands
of your busy workplace and personal life.

Knowledge Professionals add value to their “bottom line”
by selecting the most useful information available,
and by developing and applying their understanding of that information.

Many Knowledge Professionals are unable to reduce their often steadily increasing
knowledge-based workloads.

You can learn to select and understand more information in less time,
and to produce better results at the same time – guaranteed!

You can learn to use more of your capacity
to be more productive in any information- or knowledge-related task that you take on.

You can learn to increase your Supply
of capacity to meet the Demands
of your busy workplace and personal life.

Howard Berg is recognized as the
World’s Fastest Reader (Guinness, 1990) and learner.

Jim Muckle is an international presenter and trainer.

Howard and Jim specialize in providing
world class knowledge management skills –

with the brain in mind.

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