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Testimonials: MUCKLE Mapping and Ultimate Reading Solution

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“Definitely take it!
You’ll use it in all aspects of your life.”
T. Ploughman,
Canadian Crown Corporation

“Interactive and easy to learn.”
Winston Shariff,
Participant in team-based workshop

[Plan to do right away] “Teach and use this with my teenagers and at work.”
Nicole Catlin,
Workshop participant

[To someone considering this workshop] “Absolutely! Helps formulate thoughts and complex projects quickly – great to use in a team session to get involved!”
Workshop participant

[Enjoyed most] “The importance of seeing the whole picture on one page.
[Plan to do right away] Do a personal map and a work map.”
Bernadette McLeod,
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

[Enjoyed most] “Having the ability to see the big picture and easily have it available to others.”
 [To someone considering this workshop] “Easy method to achieve some clarity.”
 [Plan to do right away] “Map my future.”
Pat Vachon,
AMS Imaging

[Plan to do right away] "Apply this to a paper I’m writing.”
Trevor Mattey,
Team-based workshop participant

“It’s a great way to think outside of the box and to make brainstorming fun.”
Evelyn Speers,
Canadian Crown Corporation

[Enjoyed most] “How easy it is to start mapping and how useful [maps] can be.”
Chad Rosebush,
Workshop participant

[To someone considering this workshop] "Try it if you've never experienced it as it may open your mind to new ways of doing and being."
[Plan to do right away] "Use it next retreat session to plan/vision/etc."

Margaret Lerhe,
Director of Learning, Bruyère Continuing Care, Ottawa

[To someone considering this workshop] "It will help you organize and remember information more effectively."
Janet McCredie,
Relationship Coach, Family & Divorce Mediator

"Excellent, innovative, interactive,
educational and fun."

Jane Cass,
Nurse Practioner, Bruyère Continuing Care

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“I feel you have moved one step beyond speed reading to speed learning, bringing the discipline into the 21st Century.”
Maurice Thompson Jr.,
Past-Chairman and CEO of Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics

“Great Class! I learned so much! Berg explained everything patiently and precisely. Reading speed increased over 100%.”
Kitaka Gara,
Business Owner

“Howard has really taught me the essential techniques in reading – also, the power and knowledge of studying better.”
Eric Lum,

“Our adult customers are conservative and careful as well as product conscious. Mr. Berg has successfully survived their scrutiny to become a popular offerer of classes here. We are pleased to invite him back often and heartily recommend him to other entities which may benefit from his products.”
Robert E. Walling,
Director, Open University

“One of the by-products of taking your wonderful seminar is that for the first time in many years I can see my floors. I’m almost completely caught up and now I’m finally getting to the books that I have been accumulating, hoping to get to them one day when I had the time.”
Gary Wollin,
VP Investments, Wedbush Morgan Securities

"This will help you with any data and information you will ever read."
Kaisa Moran,
Queen's University student

"Get into speed reading fast!
It'll save you time and $!"
Marie-Claude Lessard,
Consultant and trainer

"If you are a student, it's a great way to learn good study habits!"
Katie Jellett
Student and office team member

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